Monthly Meetings

Unless otherwise announced, the Shiawassee County Democratic Party meets the fourth Tuesday of every month in the McCurdy Park Community Center lower level at 6:00 p.m. Regular business meetings start at 6:30 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

McCurdy Park Community Center is located at 457 Emma Drive, Corunna. If you have any questions about our meetings please call Carol Spaniola at 989-743-3293.

Click here for the latest information on our monthly meetings.

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Who We Are

Party Chair: Carol Spaniola
Vice Chair: Paul Ray
Treasurer: Jan Ray
Secretary: Barb Lewis

Membership: Jan Ray
Website & Outreach: Christine Barry

       Fundraiser for Mark Schauer for Governor

Mark is going to be in Flint in August!

  Mark Schauer Aug 14 02 fundraiser

Sponsored by Progressive Caucsus of the Democratic Party

         Annie Braidwood for State House 85th district

Please Join

Annie Braidwood

Candidate for State Representative, 85th District

For an

Evening Reception

Thursday, July 10th

5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

At the Jordan Gallery
118 N Washington Street, Owosso MI

$200 Sponsor
$100 Host
$35 Couple
$20 Ticket

Paid for by and Please make non-corporate checks payable to:
Committee to Elect Annie Braidwood
602 West Main street
Owosso MI 48867
Please RSVP to (989) 402-5490 or

Woman to Woman Open House/Fund Raiser



DATE: Sunday, June 29

WHERE: 5115 Clise Road, Bath

TIME: 2:00 — 4:00 PM

We are proud to announce our “Woman to Woman” event on behalf of Dawn Levey’s campaign in Michigan’s Senate District 24. Her opponent in this newly gerrymandered district is incumbent Senator Rick Jones (R),

We know that when women set their minds to getting things done, it strengthens all around us. It is our hope that you will see the value that each one of us can bring to Dawn’s campaign. We will be focusing specifically on women’s issues but will not ignore the many other troubling topics that face Michigan today.

We hope that you will join us for some serious and casual conversation and to relax with an ice cream sundae, or even wine and cheese.

Our support of Dawn’s campaign in District 24 will be crucial to a win for her and for Democrats. When you meet her, you will understand why she should be in this leadership role in Michigan. She is well qualified and justifiably concerned about the direction our State has been taking. We hope you will consider joining us to help move Dawn’s campaign forward.

Please RSVP to Johanna Balzer (517484-3273) or Theresa Kidd (517-641-6512).

Shiawassee Dems should contact Carol Spaniola (989-743-3293) or Jan Ray (989-743-3591) if you wish to car pool to the event.

(Michigan’s 24th District now includes Eaton county, Clinton County, Shiawassee County and the Ingham County Townships of Leroy, Williamston, Locke, and Wheatfield)

Democratic Party monthly meeting







Pasta and Politics report

Precinct Delegates

County Fair




Pasta & Politics 2014






FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014


You will hear and meet all Candidates and/or their Spokespersons.


            Lt. Governor Candidate Lisa Brown

            State Senator District 18 Rebekah Warren

            Attorney General Candidate Mark Totten


            Us Senate Candidate Gary Peters Spokesperson Kevin Hrit

            4th District US Congress Candidate Dr. C. Jeffery Holmes


            Dawn Levey for State Senate Spokesperson Bruce Levey

            Annie Braidwood for State Representative

            County Commissioners:

                        Re-elect John Horvath—District 2

                        Re-elect Les Schneider—District 4

                        Re-elect Jeff Bartz—District—6

                        Elect Tom Elliott—District 3 for Commissioner

            Re-elect County Road Commissioner John Michalec

RSVP Carol


Phone: 989-743-3293





March 25 Meeting

The March 25th, Tuesday, County Democratic meeting will be meeting this month at Caledonia Charter Township Hall located at 135 N. State Road, Owosso

—-Across the road from Meijers on State Road.

Doors will open at 5:30 PM.



 Potluck lunch.  Sloppy Joes, table service and beverages will be provided.

Lick and stick for CURRENTS—really folding and putting on address labels.

Short business meeting

     1. Precinct Delegate forms

      2. May 2nd Pasta and Politics fundraiser

      3. Parades

      4. MDOT Pickup

MDOT has a riveting new training video, and we will show it after the meeting. Participants have to document the date of their viewing of the training video each year.

You can also watch the video on YouTube

Hope to see you there!


Land’s Political Stunt Backfires

News from the Michigan Democratic Party
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Contact: Joshua Pugh, josh@michigandems.com517-575-7180

DETROIT – First RNC Committeewoman Terri Land pandered to the Washington D.C. Tea Party and flip-flopped on her position on health care repeal. Next Ms. Land still refuses to break her silence regarding the censure and resignation of fellow RNC member Dave Agema for bigotry. And now the National Committeewoman has botched her latest attempt of trying to use the Affordable Care Act as a political attack.

Buzzfeed just reported that Land’s RNC bought trophies manufactured in China in a failed political stunt.

Joshua Pugh, Michigan Democratic Party Communications Director said: “RNC Committeewoman & U.S. Senate Candidate Terri Land’s latest political stunt has backfired and Michigan middle class families deserve to know why she’s outsourcing to China to support her campaign. Today, manufacturing jobs are coming back to Michigan thanks to the efforts of leaders like Gary Peters, who fought to save thousands of Michigan jobs and rebuild our middle class through the auto rescue. Republican National Committeewoman Land should finally hold a public event in the state of Michigan so she can explain why she’s choosing China over Michigan, why she defends discrimination and bigotry, and why she thinks re-opening the government after the federal shutdown cost us millions is a mistake.”


DNC Chair: GOP’s Tolerance of Homophobic Remarks Just Latest Failure of Rebrand

News from the Michigan Democratic Party

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Contact: Joshua Pugh,, 517-575-7180

In Wake of the Agema Controversy, Michigan Democratic Leaders Hold LGBT Community Forum

FERNDALE – At an LGBT community forum, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz today called the GOP rebrand effort a failure after Michigan Republicans tolerated homophobic remarks from a party leader and national Republicans have blocked anti-discrimination legislation that would protect LGBT Americans.

“In Michigan, and all over the country we’ve seen example after example of the GOP’s failure to speak out against intolerant, insensitive remarks like those we heard from Representative Agema a few days ago,” said DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “Disrespectful comments like his and the GOP’s decision to block legislation that protects LGBT Americans from discrimination remind us just how out of touch the GOP is with Michigan and the American people.”

DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz was joined by U.S. Representative and Senate Candidate Gary Peters and Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauerwho have condemned Agema’s remarks. Neither Republican National Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land nor Governor Snyder would call for Agema’s resignation.

“My family has been in Michigan for generations- right here in Oakland County, and the Michigan values I was raised with, and my wife Colleen and I raised our own children with, and that we share with families all over Michigan are of fairness and equality for everyone and every family,” Peters said. “Staying silent in the face of discrimination is not a Michigan value. As Michiganders, we know that our diversity makes us strong, and I am proud and honored to fight for all Michigan families.”

“Gov. Snyder has been a big disappointment when it comes to protecting Michigan’s LGBT citizens from discrimination,” said Schauer. “The Governor is hurting our economy by opposing marriage equality and banning domestic partner benefits. As Governor, I’ll work to make Michigan a more inclusive state, so we can attract the best workers and compete for 21st Century jobs.”

The Michigan Democratic Party has continued to hold Terri Lynn Land and Governor Snyder accountable for tolerating discriminatory remarks in the Republican Party. At today’s event, prominent LGBT leaders and activists shared concerns over Michigan Republicans refusal to support and represent their community.


MIA Again: Land in Hiding Amidst Agema Homophobia Scandal

News from the Michigan Democratic Party
Monday, December 16, 2013
Contact: Joshua Pugh, josh@michigandems.com517-575-7180

LANSING – In what is becoming an increasing trend, RNC Committeewoman and U.S. Senate Candidate Terri Lynn Land skipped yet another event this weekend. This time, she canceled on the Michigan Republican State Committee Meeting in Lansing – apparently hiding from her fellow RNC member Dave Agema. Her campaign has signaled that she does not think Agema’s homophobia is important.

“Not only has RNC Committeewoman Terri Lynn Land failed to address Dave Agema’s homophobia, she’s now practically gone into hiding. Ms. Land has made clear that she doesn’t think publicly censuring Agema’s bigotry or calling for his resignation are important, but hiding from her Party and skipping the State Committee meeting during this controversy is a new low,” said Joshua Pugh, Michigan Democratic Party Communications Director.

Land has faced increasing scrutiny for her silence on fellow RNC Committee member Dave Agema’s antigay and homophobic remarks. Agema spoke at the GOP committee meeting this past weekend that Land skipped. Instead of personally condemning the remarks, as many prominent Michigan politicians from both parties have done, Land put out a press release showing her ahead in a poll. Land also clarified that, despite the disrespect and bigotry shown by Agema, this would not be an issue for her.


DNC Committeewoman Debbie Dingell Questions if Land will Censure Agema at Committee Meeting


News from the Michigan Democratic Party

Friday, December 13, 2013

Contact: Joshua Pugh, josh@michigandems.com517-575-7180

LANSING - Debbie Dingell, Democratic National Committeewoman from Michigan, today questioned if Republican National Committeewoman and U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land will censure her fellow RNC member Dave Agema this weekend.

“The Republican State Central Committee meets this weekend, and it will be interesting to see if Terri Lynn Land will stand up against the recent unacceptable remarks from RNC Committeeman David Agema, that were offensive as much in their bigotry as in their ignorance.

“I hope she will use this meeting as an opportunity to show leadership in condemning his remarks and calling for his resignation. I believe as women leaders we have a responsibility to stand up against hatred and bigotry in any form….and that doing so is not a partisan issue.

“Of course, we should be to engage in heated and passionate discussion and we don’t always have to agree. But neither should we engage in name-calling.

“Every American should be able to live in this country and in their community free of discrimination based on race, creed, color and sexual orientation. Thankfully, we have made great progress in recent years and the horrific remarks of Mr. Agema’s are not only stunning, but unacceptable. Many conservative members of the Republican Party have already voiced their concern about the tone and tenor of his remarks, and I hope as a leader in her Party she will add her voice to those already expressed.”


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